Meet Amber, HipSea’s Latest Sponsored Athlete!

Amber is a player for the All-Navy women’s volleyball team as well as a beach player in Virginia Beach. She is a recipient of the Hampton roads adult volunteer award, business insider top 40 under 40, and received the armed forces humanitarian service award. To top it all off, Amber was recently crowned Miss Virginia of America! Check Amber out in Virginia Beach tournaments, where she will be rockin’ HipSea gear!

Become a HipSea Sponsored Athlete

HipSea sponsored athletes are girls on the move who embody our message of female empowerment, eco-consciousness, and body inclusivity. Our athletes get the newest HipSea swag to rep around their local beach scene to help us get the word out about HipSea gear. No matter your level of competition, if you’re a beach athlete, get in touch! We are currently accepting applications for 2019 individual athlete sponsorships, so don’t be shy and fill out the form below!

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